cpLife should be an adventure. With this idea firmly in mind, and role models like Errol Flynn and John Wayne, Charlie set about designing his life from an early age. Charlie began carving out experiences and engaging in a wide variety of challenges and pursuits which enabled him with the skills he thought an adventurer would need.

By the age of twelve, he was in full pursuit of mastering the physical and spiritual realm of martial arts training.  He learned archery, horsemanship and how to navigate and survive in the desert. By the time he reached high school, was actively involved in his local Civil Air Patrol, where he learned the basics of military customs and courtesies. Charlie served on their search and rescue team. It was also in high school where he got his start in theatre, and later earned a scholarship to Texas Wesleyan University.

Upon obtaining his BFA in Theater Arts, Charlie moved to Hollywood and applied his skills as a Black Belt Ju Jitsu artist to land jobs as a stuntman and personal body guard. He eventually became a well respected and sought after stunt coordinator.  Not content to only apply his skill on film, Charlie took a leave of absence and joined the U.S. Army as an Infantryman, where he served proudly as a member of the Rakkasans in the 101st Airborne Division.  After his four year tour, and with an honorable discharge, he returned to Hollywood with a collection of new skills. While filming on location in New Orleans, Charlie witnessed the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. Never one to shrink from responsibility, he volunteered with FEMA and performed daily search and recovery operations during the first two weeks of the rescue efforts.

Charlie is passionate about teaching others how to be their own hero.  He teaches firearmsself defense, and Reiki healing. He especially enjoys providing guidance to returning veterans, in their transition back to civilian life.