Basic Firearm Safety and Maintenance

Price: $55 per person (2-3 hours)

This course is designed with both beginner and experienced gun owners in mind.  The goal is to teach and reinforce the habit of basic firearms safety.  Proper cleaning and maintenance is also addressed.

License to Carry

Price: $85 per person (includes range fee)

Includes: 4-6 hours in the classroom, plus range time for qualification

This class fulfills the state mandated training requirement for the license to carry (formerly concealed carry) for the state of Texas.

Once this class is complete, you must get your license by following the application process through the Texas Department of Public Safety. (pdf of fees)


Carry with Confidence

Two day class to provide you with the skills and knowledge to:

Improve your safety and confidence with your firearm. Safely and sensibly store your weapon in your home. Employ your weapon in a time of need. Maintain critical skills to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Class Format:

This class will take place over the course of two days. The first session will be in a classroom setting and will include information, drills and practical exercises. The second session will take place at the firing range, where we will put into practice some of the skills learned in the morning.

Group Rate: $100 per person (3-10 students)

Private Rate: $300 per person (1-2 students)

Contact Charlie to book your class!

What to bring to class:

• Your firearm (unloaded) • Your holster, or method of carry • Materials for taking notes • A yoga or exercise mat or towel (as we will be working from alternative firing positions)

What to bring to the firing range:

• Your firearm • 100 rounds of ammunition • Your holster, or method of carry • Eye and ear protection • A yoga or exercise mat or towel (as we will be working from alternative firing positions)

Advanced Carry/Counter Ambush Class

Price: $150 per person (4-6 hours)

The situations where firearms become necessary happen all of a sudden and with little or no warning.  This class is designed to give you the tools to survive the first “mad minute”, and to give you practice in transitioning from empty hand to weapons use, firing from compromised positions and use of cover.


“Charlie Parrish was extremely helpful and patient in helping me (a young woman who never held a gun) with all the basics I needed to safely handle a firearm. I went from barely being able to hold a gun without shaking, to loading and firing with confidence in just one session. Thank you very much, Mr. Parrish!” –L.C. Burbank, California

“I would not hesitate to hire Charlie again as an instructor for my troops. Each time my soldiers were trained by him they left better trained to defend themselves and/or take action if needed. Most importantly is after their training my soldiers left with a much higher degree of confidence in themselves, their abilities and in their skills….There is no doubt in my mind that his training has helped save American soldiers’ lives on the battlefield.”- SFC Bradley Amstutz, U.S. Army

stuntsA note from Charlie: The skills I have acquired throughout my life are practical, logical, and geared toward safely handling all types of weapons in all types of situations. I have been proud to be a soldier, bouncer, bodyguard, a stuntman and private contractor throughout the years. I have taught classes to soldiers, civilians, actors and athletes. Now I am thrilled to offer the breadth of my knowledge in this one of a kind class. Allow me to assist you in building your skills and confidence. I look forward to meeting you!

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