DPL_1325As a teacher, Charlie’s classes offer opportunities for amateurs and professionals to delve deeper into their skills, while perfecting their performance and technique in a safe, supportive learning environment.

Learn how to defend yourself in a multitude of situations. Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned martial artist, in the military or law enforcement, Charlie Parrish can give you practical, effective, and proven tools to keep you alive.

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Awareness Only Class

$45 per person (90 minutes)

It’s time to put down your mobile device and become immersed in your surroundings. Learn tactics for scanning your environment, determine if something/someone is a threat, and broaden your scope of imagination to prepare mentally for anything.

Teaching2Women’s Self Defense Class*

$65 per person (3 hours)

Learn the Awareness tools mentioned above, along with basic striking, how to create and utilize improvised weapons, and build your overall confidence with defending yourself.

Host a TougherWhere™ Party!

Have a group of friends, family, or coworkers who want to learn to be tougher anywhere they are? Be a host and get your class fee waived. Minimum 6 students.

Great for college students, businesses, real estate agents, and just about anyone who wants to be better prepared in the world. Contact Charlie to schedule your TougherWhere™ Party now!

Review: “I felt so empowered the times that Charlie had us doing a few strikes and practices! I always thought I wouldn’t have the strength to fight an attacker, but walked away from this class KNOWING that I could. More practice time would have continued to increase confidence I think. I was so pleased with the class. Charlie is an exceptional teacher and has all the necessary components to engage his listeners. His credentials command respect, his encouragement made me feel like I could do it even through my fear, and his humor made it seem like 2 hours just flew by! I would recommend this class to every woman.”

Weapons of Opportunity

Price: $55 per person (90 minutes)

Building off of the principles in the self defense class, this class is an in depth look at how to make anything in your surroundings serve as a weapon.


Law Enforcement/Military Only

Specifically designed for men and women in uniform.

More info available upon request.